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Since 2005, is a professional manufacturer of Dog Training Collars and lifestyle pet product solutions. Our mission is to help people understand how to train their dogs using the e-collar technology. is a fast-growing company trusted by over 300,000 of happy customers across the globe, and we keep counting. 

The Dog Training Collar is a must-have accessory for any dog parent who is concerned about their dog's behavior and well being. Train your dog Easily and Harmless. Remote Collar used by Expert Trainers and First Time Pet Owners. Can be used to help control Barking, Walking, Sitting, Leash Training, and other Behavioral Obedience. Electric Dog Training Collar with 0-100 Levels of customization for Static Stimulation & Vibration, and Beep Mode. Correct the bad habits, like Endless Barking. Adjustable Nylon/TPU Collar fits neck.

Designed as the ultimate behavior shaping tools, Dog e-collars are perfect for all dog breeds above 10 pounds: Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, you name it! We recommend it for adult dogs and puppies starting from 6-month old. The stimulation intensity is fully adjustable from low to high levels, so you could fine-tune it for even the most stubborn dogs. Please remember that dog training is not just about training the canine, it’s also teaching the people to understand the canine. Once there is an understanding of how dogs think, people can do a better job of training them. 

At your happiness & satisfaction is our top priority. Pets give us unconditional Love. Make life full of joy and trust. Turn us into better lovers.We believe that our product is a powerful statement of individual use and personal interests.Help them eat, drink, play, and even sleep better.Bring out the beauty they are born with. Deliver freedom with off-leash guidance.